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You wouldn't wear the same shoes with every outfit, so why wear the same bra? When buying lingerie, it's not only the size that matters.

There are many different shapes and styles of bras and not every shape suits every body type. Are you looking for an everyday bra or one for a special occasion? Do you have an active job that keeps you on the move all day long or do you spend your day behind a desk? Are you looking for a bra that shows some cleavage or do you prefer one with more coverage?

Let's go through the options:


Balcony bra

  • Shows a hint of cleavage
  • Creates a seductive look
  • Lifts the breast and gives a softer shape
padded bra

Padded bra

  • Conceals the nipple
  • Lifts and shapes the breasts
  • Seamless or with flat invisible seams
  • Available in balcony, full cup, deep plunge or full coverage styles

Smooth & seamless

  • No embroidery or seams on the cups
  • Doesn't show underneath tight or light clothes
  • Any embroidery is flat so as not to show under clothes

Full cup bra

  • Completely covers all the breast
  • Functional and comfortable bra
  • Suitable for most breast types or less firm busts

Comfort bra

  • Completely covers the breasts
  • Extra support above the cup
  • Suitable for less firm busts

Strapless bra

  • Covers the entire breast
  • Removable straps
  • Padded cups
  • Silicon band on back panel
  • With straps removed - strapless, no straps can be seen


  • Padded cups with extra padding in the lower cup
  • Extra uplift from padding
  • Cleavage enhancing shape

Deep plunge

  • Low neckline
  • Small central front panel
  • Perfect for under low cut tops

Sports bra

  • Complete coverage to prevent breast movement during exercise
  • Seamless molded cups in a firm fabric with strong side panels for extra support
  • Wide padded straps provide stability

There is also a wide selection of shapes in briefs. In almost every range you can choose between different styles, such as G-string, luxury string, briefs, hipsters, hot pants or shorts.

rio-b riefs

Rio briefs

  • Covers the bottom
  • Legs cut higher at the front
  • Worn between the waist and the hips
  • Elegant and comfortable style
  • Makes the leg look longer
  • Everyday briefs


  • Shows part of the cheeks
  • Legs cut higher at the front
  • Worn between the waist and the hips
  • Sexy look, Casual
  • Makes the leg look longer
  • Wear under loose clothing


  • Reveals the bottom
  • Legs cut higher at the front
  • Worn between the waist and the hips
  • Saucy and seductive
  • Invisible under tight clothing

Italian brief

  • Specially shaped at the back
  • Covers the bottom
  • Legs cut higher at the front
  • Covers the tummy/slightly shaping
  • Worn between the waist and the hips
  • Alternative to rio briefs
  • Seductive and high fashion


  • Covers the bottom completely
  • Cut lower on the leg
  • Worn between the waist and the hips
  • Comfortable and casual
  • Alternative to G-string
  • Creates an hourglass effect
full briefs

Full brief

  • Covers the tummy and bottom
  • Worn high on the waist
  • Slightly shapes the body
  • Comfortable